Aid Delivered to Flood Victims in Shipkovica, Tetovo region

Shipkovica, August 6, 2015 (Ajde!) – Civic platform “Ajde!” and the Foundation Open Society Macedonia donated 1.4 tons of drinking water to the flood victims in the village of Shipkovica, Tetovo region.

Local population, organized through a Crisis Staff, is constantly engaged in the search for the missing girl, organizing the aid which comes to the village daily, as well as cleaning of rocks, wood and other debris which had destroyed a large portion of the village.

Water flooded almost all of the houses, 90 houses suffered damage, and 25 houses are completely destroyed.

The people of Shipkovica need water, canned food, medicines, blankets, sponges, and clothing. If you intend to donate, please consult with the Crisis Staff from Shipkovica (Dashmir Sadiki, tel. 070263087) about the actual needs.


Photos by Vancho Dzhambaski (CC by-nc-sa)